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The mission of the Family Resource Center is to advance social and economic mobility for families by reducing barriers to higher education and jobs through integrating supportive services.



It's not easy juggling college and parenthood. 在很多情况下, student parents face additional challenges to attain their college education that other students don't. 记住这一点, we offer the following services to assist student parents in their educational journey: 

Upcoming workshops: 

Nurturing Father's Group (ACE)

March 27 at 5:30PM

April 10 at 5:30PM

April 17 at 5:30PM




Tarzana Treatment Centers

Coping with Anxiety on April 11, 2024 (Zoom) at 10AM

Community 资源 on April 25, 2024 (In-Person) at 10AM

  • 家长工作坊 
  • 服装 & 婴儿用品 
  • Parent Support Group 
  • Resource 咨询 
  • 每月的学习班 
  • Supportive 服务 
  • 电脑室(儿童 & 免费打印
  • 推荐 & 更多的! 


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Los Angeles Valley College Student Parents may be eligible for many services 包括: